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A beautiful gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony infill made by Isaac

A beautiful gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony infill made by Isaac


A beautiful gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony infill made by Isaac Green of Pimlico, London

A beautiful gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony infill made by Isaac Green of Pimlico, London

A beautiful gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony infill made by Isaac Green of Pimlico, London

Two number 3 metal plane s from sheffield

Two number 3 metal plane s from sheffield | I sorby plane | Pinterest | Plane, Number 3 and Sheffield

MS162 Clean Sargent No.3409 transitional smoothing plane; with all original parts, nearly all finish, some scuffing along one edge of the sole, it'll make a ...

Pictured is a beautiful Stanley no.212 scraper plane. This plane was produced between

Todays tool is a lovely chariot plane made by Henry Slater. Slater worked in Clerkenwell

Pictured is a type 1 Stanley no.75 bullnose rabbet plane. This plane is

cover to select the desired diameter; in sound condition, with many twist drills inside, I haven't examined them for condition; a very well made ...

Vintage Shoulder Plane . I Sorby

MS3 Gunmetal shoulder plane with overstuffed ebony infill; a well made plane with plenty of mass, mouth has not been altered, 8 1/2" long, owner mark in ...

plane that could never fly, or float, it has lovely grain pattern and is remarkably free of the common checks that

MS65 Machinist's surface gauge that appears inspired by a Hjorth or Wyke product; well made, as found, original scribe, it's

Spiers Infill Smoother

Introducing the lil' ones! . 1️⃣ Stanley No.75 bullnose plane. 2️⃣

usual pigsticker, all it needs is a honing; top: http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t24.jpg $45.00. MS43 3/16" Isaac Greaves ...

Record 311 Shoulder Plane

Edward Preston is one of my favorite tool makers. Not only are his tools of

Pictured is a beautifully well preserved Dutch smooth plane. The plane is unmarked but probably

ST7 #53 adjustable mouth spoke shave; a 1920's sweetheart model with all original parts, no damage, it's one of the finer shaves Stanley made, the mouth can ...

Planes 122855: 3 Piece Micro Mini Brass Hand Plane Set Wood Finish Planer Hardwood Hobby Craft -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $18.46 on eBay!

handle; by Marples, barely used, fine quality, most of the decal remains on the handle; all it needs is a honing; bottom:

ST9 #80 cabinet scraper; a clean and all original UK made model that only needs a sharpening to be put back to work; the easiest and most popular scraper ...

Stanley No 90 bullnose shoulder plane

Remarkable Rosewood and Brass Violin Plane by ROD GALSTER


Pictured is a pretty unique 'pretzel' corner level by Davis & Cook. Davis

ST35 #18 knuckle joint block plane; a 1930's worker with all original parts, long machined bed, no damage, plating loss

Henry Slater Gun Metal Smooth Plane Antique Tools, Tools And Equipment, Woodworking Tools,

MS128 Stanley made #71 1/2 closed throat router for Keen Kutter; identical in all regards to the Stanley marked product, it

Record No.042 Rebate Shoulder Plane

Pictured is a PET no.171 thumb plane. It is illustrated in the PTAMPIA

Veritas Plane

I do like the shavings from inlays, it amazes me how much glue holds wood

photo_library A wooden moving fillister plane made by John Moseley & Sons. I thought it was





Today's tool is an interesting one. It's a brass sector rule (likely) made

Instagram post by WOOD Magazine • Jan 18, 2016 at 1:29am UTC


ST30 Clean #56 1/2 spoke shave with a 3 3/4" wide iron; made for the coopering trade, it can also be used by anyone doing larger or more rugged work; ...

Neat Escapement on this Rabbet Plane

Stewart Spiers

This old Bed Rock #607 looking good again after a century of use. #


I've really been missing my shop lately. Busy busy busy.

ST67 #100 1/2 squirrel tail block plane with curved sole (in both directions); a good plane for shaping/hollowing, it saw limited use and has all original ...

Large Steel/Wood Infil Shoulder Plane (Unbranded)


MS43 3/16" Isaac Greaves pigsticker; another extra clean worker that only needs a honing; middle: http://www.supertool.com/forsale/jan/t24.jpg $45.00

previous plane, in much nicer than usual shape, shavings in throat from when last used, it'll make a fine worker

Pictured is a Stanley No.101.5 Block Plane. This is one of Stanley's rarer

Homemade stringing plough plane fashioned from beech, ebony, and stainless steel.

MS94 Simonds 26" 5 1/2pt rip, the $2.50 model with the enameled button; used once, put away, and still as sharp as the day it was made, this is their model ...



scribe, minor japanning loss, liquid vial, a sound worker; top left: http://www.supertool.com/forsale/oct/t9.jpg $60.00

Vintage Shoulder Plane ( Damaged ) Free Post

Instagram Carousel by Matt Bray (@braypaintingandrenovations) with caption : "Nothing rare here

No.26 transitional jack plane fit with rosewood knob and tote; much nicer than what's normally found, all original parts, dusty from sitting about, the

MS48 Siegley Patent combination plane; with 15 cutters, long and short arms, it's as found and a plane that gave Stanley a run for the money; normally found ...

pitch for working hardwoods; as found, free of modification, no owner mark, cuts a 1/2" wide profile that can fine many applications; bottom:


WP8 V grooving plane by Clegg (appears another maker that was bought out, I can't make it out); lignum sole, rabbet throat, it's a perfect plane for cutting ...

Rosewood stuffed infilled smoothing plane, 7 1/4-inch, some chipping on side where bridge is secured, wedge is a likely replacement, will make a good user.

ST48 #6 fore plane; made immediately after WWII, it has the thicker casting for better planing; all original parts,

Exquisite Rabot du Charpentier d'Eglise The Plane of the Church Carpenter

MS14 Perfect Handle 12" drawknife; a beast for real work, it features the patented design where the wooden grips are riveted on the forging; as found, ...

Sargent #714 iron "Auto Set" jack plane, with 90%+ japanning, VG original cutter, nice knob, tote missing spur, VG.

Infill Plane

H. Slater Smooth Plane Hand Tools, Hand Tool Sets


SPIERS AYR open-handled infill smoothing plane with rosewood stuffing and gunmetal lever cap, little pitting on sides, VG.

New addition, McVicar Perth 22\" plane (Archibald Mcvicar (Scotland

time ago, a sound plane plane that's useful for cabinet- work; top right: http://www.supertool.com/forsale/oct/t80.jpg

Coffin Smoother


Philly Try Plane, 24", 2 1/4" Blade



WP30 Smaller grooving plane with adjustable fence; made by. Emir, it has one (of the three) original irons of 1/8", it saw little use; perfect for smaller ...

Stanley #75 bullnose rabbet plane, VG.

123 1-1/8 side bead plane #

This crazy little Craftsman smoother with groovy cheeks, ending tonight on eBay. #handplane

A legendary antique Leonard Bailey's "VICTOR PLANE", produced from 1875 to 1888 only

Stanley #90 steel cased rabbet plane, perfect throat, most japanning remains on cap, fine overall.

Lie-Nielsen Chisel Planes

I like super minty tools just as much as the next person but there is just


Dovetail plane

#Sargent VBM 409 plane with original box. I have seen hundreds perhaps even more

Unusual Record 078 Shoulder Rabbet plane in Gunmetal. Rare collectable carpentry

photo_library Many thanks to @haakon.haraldsen for being my first commission, these winding sticks

Pair of wooden spill planes; one looks to have started out as a regular plane, the other likely was made as a spill plane, both VG.

Except for the early Stanley No 3 and No 4 planes, and the