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Dorothy Dandridge Angel Face Tarzans Peril 1951 Mysterious

Dorothy Dandridge Angel Face Tarzans Peril 1951 Mysterious


Tarzan's Peril (1951)

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge (November 9, 1922- September 8, 1965). Her death was first attributed to a blood clot caused by the fracture in her foot but an autopsy ...

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

#Vintage : Dorothy Dandridge in a 1951 promo still for the film Tarzan's Peril.

Phil Moore

Dorothy Dandridge painting~so beautiful

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

Rita Moreno, If Only Dorothy Did Not Listen to Otto.

The Decks Ran Red (1958)

Dorothy Dandridge. The face of an angel.

Bright Road (1953) aka 'See How They Run'

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sun Valley Serenade (1941). Dorothy ...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lady From Louisiana (1941)

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

Ruby Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge, Angel Face: Tamango (1958)

Tyler Collins

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

Porgy and Bess (1959)

Cain's Hundred : Blues for a Junkman Arthur Troy (1962)

Dorothy was scarred by her childhood. She once said she regretted never having gotten to know her father, a cabinet maker / draftsman named Cyril Dandridge, ...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dorothy Dandridge, Black Actresses, Timeless Beauty, Classic Beauty, Black Beauty,

Dorothy Dandridge Vintage Black Glamour, Vintage Beauty, Vintage Hair, Fatale, Hollywood Glamour

Tarzans Peril movie poster

dorothy dandridge on Tumblr

Above left is Dorothy as Melmendi, Queen of the Ashuba in Tarzan's Perils ( 1951). To the right is Rita as Tuptim.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999)

Dorothy Dandridge, In Living Color another one of my favorites actress.

Dorothy Dandridge rehearsing (Edward Clark. 1951) Edward Clark, Dorothy Dandridge, Framed

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dorothy had a fear of photographers: "I can't help it, I'm terrified of photographers and their cameras. The motion picture camera doesn't bother me at all.

Books on Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge photographed by Ed Clark, 1951 Dorothy Dandridge, Black Actresses, Classic Beauty

Tarzan's Peril (1951). w/ Lex Barker

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoe Saldana as Dorothy Dandridge's Carmen Jones

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dorothy Dandridge Look-a-Like

Miscellaneous B&W

Dorothy Dandridge Henri Cartier Bresson, Classic Hollywood, Hollywood Glamour, Old Hollywood, Hollywood .

'You ain't going to work in Mister Charley's kitchen like me. I don't want you to go into service. You are not going to be a scullery maid.

Dorothy Dandridge Hollywood Actresses, Old Hollywood, Classic Hollywood, Black Actresses, Actors &

Swing, Tarzan, Swing! Ch.3: Lex Barker... and Queen Dorothy Dandridge? - Blog - The Film Experience

Dorothy Dandridge was born on 9 November 1922 to a cabinetmaker and minister father and an aspiring entertainer mother.

Dorothy Dandridge photographed by Philippe Halsman He truly knew how to capture the very essence of Dottie's beauty. Philippe also photographed Dottie for ...

Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte in “Carmen Jones.”

Dorothy Dandridge

Edward Clark, Portrait of Dorothy Dandridge, 1951 Dorothy Dandridge, Fifties Fashion, Vintage

Dorothy Dandridge Best Actress, Classic Hollywood, Old Hollywood, Hollywood Fashion, Hollywood Glamour

Dorothy Dandridge :)) Classic Hollywood, Old Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Hollywood, Hollywood

Magazine Photo Covers / Subtitles

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Dorothy Dandridge Dorothy Dandridge, Divas, Hollywood Stars, Old Hollywood, Classic Hollywood,

Jack Denison, Husband 2

Dorothy Dandridge

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dorothy Dandridge photographed by Ed Clark, 1951 Fred Wilson, Best Actress Oscar, Dorothy

Posted by Karmen Hose at 1:06 AM

The actors were not allowed to kiss, due to him being White and Dorothy being Black.

Otto Preminger

Dorothy Dandridge Died on this Day 09/08/1965 R.I.P. Angel Face # DorothyDandridge

Dorothy Dandridge (1951) Dorothy Dandridge, Old Hollywood Stars, Classic Hollywood, Old

dorothydandridge: “ Dorothy Dandridge as school teacher Jane Richards in Bright Road ” Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge, in 1954 she was the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award in a Leading Actress role(Carmen Jones).

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Dorothy Dandridge Old Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Hollywood, Vintage Glamour, Beverly Johnson, Dorothy

Dorothy Dandridge: A Portrait In Black (Part 2)

Dorothy Dandridge Classic Beauty, Black Beauty, Timeless Beauty, Classic Style, Ebony Beauty

Dorothy Dandridge Black Actresses, Black Actors, Vintage Black Glamour, Dorothy Dandridge, Famous

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Dandridge Sisters (The Wonder Children, Kids)

Dorothy at Home

Dorothy Dandridge American Actress, African American Actors, African American Fashion, African Americans,

Dorothy Dandridge Look-a-Like

dorothy dandridge on Tumblr

Dorothy Dandridge Marpessa Dawn, Timeless Beauty, Classic Beauty, Black Beauty, Fred Wilson

Dorothy Dandridge arriving with her sister at the premiere of Carmen Jones in New York City

Adoringly Dorothy Dandridge

Harry and Dorothy

Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones. The resemblance that Dottie and Beyoncé share is uncanning!!

Pioneering star of the screen, Dorothy Dandridge, was born on November 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio

Dorothy Dandridge Classic Movies, Old Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Glamour, Vintage Hollywood, Classic