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When I try to voice and pretend to be confident funnymemes Great

When I try to voice and pretend to be confident funnymemes Great


When I try to voice and pretend to be confident #funnymemes

55 Savage Assholes Who We'd Hate If They Weren't So Funny #

Approach life with the same confidence that random Indian men approach women online

1 - 15 Memes That Won't Pretend They Aren't Memes

"I walk around like everything's fine, but deep down...In my shoe.My my sock is falling off"

I hate it when people ask "Who are you trying to look good for?"

24. Because contrary to popular belief, you really are easy to please

I Try Not To Laugh At My Own Jokes But We All Know I'm Hilarious Quote T-shirt | Sarcastic ME

People say I act like I don't care. It's not an act. | Nice! | Pinterest | Funny Quotes, Funny and Quotes




19. Some things just have to be spelled out

All Things Black and Beautiful

When you have truly committed to a relationship

When the clopenings start to get to you.

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Or months or years!!! Sad but true. Fake people!!!

Friend's Last Breath Selfie

When Your Teacher Walks By You

lebron james game 1 reaction

When you actually cannot take what you dish out

Why is that we get off work for all other major holidays, but not 4/20? It's, like, totally not fair. Plus you can only fake appendicitis on the same day ...

Bad Parenting Moments

Can we please stop this? None of us have our shit together, all the

Is it just me, or does trying to act less high make you seem even higher? Just keep holding your eyes as wide open as they will go, and remember confidence ...

famous Funny inspirational quotes for work

When the love is this real

This guy looking totally baked serves as the prompt for a lot of funny weed memes. Here's just one of many funny stoned question memes.

may the 4th star wars day 1 wix

Oh ...

1 - 50 Great Pics to Improve Your Mood

Not much is worse than having a great time with your friends, smoking some great bud, only to run out right in the middle of the smoke sesh.

weed memes 13

How “Daddy Issues” Became Instagram's Meme Queen

27. Because mind reading is still not a thing for some reason

surprised pikachu

Instagram Captions

introverted teen girl

When you're a rough tough cream puff

Strong Superior Women Quotes

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Selfie Maniac Girl

When you get scheduled with your work spouse.



when you get angry with friends

When Boys Make A Selfie

Oh dear... One original meme likened the wannabe to Aileen Quinn in 1982

... post-high stomach ache is from a severe case of the giggles, or from eating a whole box of Pop Tarts. Or a combination of the two. If the munchies hit ...

may the 4th star wars day 5


9. A Snoop Dogg meme for the casual stage in your relationship

Just Some Ridiculously Funny Memes That Will Hit Way Too Close to Home | 22 Words

Hilarious & Funny Memes

15 - 15 Memes That Won't Pretend They Aren't Memes

Marvelous Strong Women Quotes

I hate when dudes have deep ass voices and have the audacity to be like 5

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When the love of your life forgets how to use his phone

In retail, a weekend just means you're going to be busier than usual.

Lovely Strong Women Quotes

Cheeky! Possibly the most shared and most created meme was the likeness between Scottish air


Tender Strong Women Quotes

Wonderful Strong Women Quotes

Some of the memes share a common theme, like reactions to Islamophobia:

Cheezburger Image 9146878464

Sometimes the music becomes more than just a sound… Like a smell, man. You could taste it too, if you really try. No wonder listening to music tops the list ...

Have you ever taken such a big hit that you felt your head expand to the point of almost exploding? Me too. Warning: also tends to happen your first time ...

Everyone has such kind of friends who always ruin their serious pictures by teasing, is taken from one of best friend meme glossary.

Showy Strong Women Quotes

Annoying Teacher

Why #METOO May Be the End of My Relationship – Christina Hausauer – Medium

When you said you were going to take a tolerance break two weeks ago, but kind of forgot to do it. Hey, at least you tried for a minute.

Confident Fat Person

Strong Women Good Quotes

8 - 15 Memes That Won't Pretend They Aren't Memes

Jared Dunn’s 12 Most Awkward Lines in Silicon Valley

The Joke is Over – Why I Hope Not to See Pretend Pregnancy Announcements on April 1st Friday, March 28th, 2014

Her cozy mystery, Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab, is currently on tour with Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book.

funny inspirational quotes on failure

Delightful Strong Women Quotes